Group Chats

Group Chats

How it works

Zme is a M2M messaging service uses internet to connect you with all your contacts. Handy to use, convenient to download.


  • User can download this app from Google Play Store.
  • After successful installation user have to create an account sharing phone number and all the relevant information.
  • Once the account is created user need to synchronize all his/her contacts.
  • Now, Zme is ready to use one can chat with his/her desired contact by searching your favorite buddy.
  • What if your friend is not there on Zme? In that case you can send them request to download this app and after installation you can start chatting with them.
  • We have a strict Privacy Policy user’s information will be secure with us. We value your privacy.

About Us

Zme, a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange text and voice messaging communication available for iPhone and Android users, service that enable you to take pictures and videos, and share them instantly, for every contact you can select different background. A distinctive feature is that you can click picture instantly and can apply digital filters to images not only confines to filtering but user can play online games with his/her desired contact.

What makes Zme different from its competitors? You can search for your older chats and videos and concurrently one can schedule video for a precise time.

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